First Degree Fitness Dynamic S6 Series Laguna Edition AR Fluid Rower

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Whether your goal is to crush the competition or just your personal best, the First Degree Fitness Dynamic S6 Series Laguna Edition AR Fluid Rower will be your best personal coach. This commercial-grade fluid indoor rower is designed and engineered by professional rowers and craftsmen, using only the highest degree of quality components. This has ensured complete satisfaction in function, performance, and reliability. With its patented Fluid Technology, this rower has incorporated the truest emulation of sensation, sight, and sound of real on-water rowing and brought it into your own home. Its robust and durable construction will boost your confidence and it's built to challenge even the fittest of rowers. Its genius design ensures that all you feel, hear, and see is water churning through the high density and resilient tank

  • Replicates the feel, sight, and sound of real water-rowing
  • 16 levels of fluid resistance
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Manufacturer's warranty included (see Guarantee & Returns)
  • Dimensions: 31.9L x 83.5W x 40.2H in.

detailedDescription":". This model is instantly adaptable to each individual and allows you to control and adjust the 16 levels of variable fluid resistance from "Feather light" to "Olympic sprint" delivering a silky smooth resistance to the user's effort. Water resistance is the most accurate way to simulate actual outdoor rowing, and this rower provides a smooth and consistent sensation throughout the range of motion of the exercise experience. The rower features an advanced computer monitor for measurable performance output. With the updated USB connectivity and your computer, you have the ability to record your workout sessions, connect with the Internet for online racing, and access the web-based logging and ranking system. The ergonomically designed seat rides on precision bearings and rollers for absolute smoothness, plus, the upgraded footboard offers advanced heel support, and an innovative soft-grip handle eliminates stress on the hands and wrist during a comfortable, but physical workout.

Additional Details:

  • Constructed from aluminum
  • Red finish
  • Adjustable intensity level
  • Silky smooth resistance at all levels
  • Advanced computer monitor system with USB connectivity
  • Able to record your workouts to track your progress
  • Race online
  • Upgraded footboard with advanced heel support
  • Soft-grip handle

First Degree Fitness Starting in 2000, First Degree Fitness decided to ring in the new millennium by providing the fitness market with a range of equipment that combined robustness with simplicity. By giving users of all ages, fitness levels, and body types a perfectly tailored, full-body cardio experience through the natural application of water-based resistance, they have reached a high-water mark in the level of the fitness industry and in the quality of their customer's workouts.

Brand:First Degree Fitness

Maximum Weight:330


Manufacturer Part Number:WF-FDF-S6-LAG

Assembled Product Weight:120.0 Pounds

Color:Red Black

First Degree Fitness Dynamic S6 Series Laguna Edition AR Fluid Rower